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Hallowed : The art of Sara Kipin


Hallowed is the second artbook by American artist Sara Kipin. Presenting these works from 2020 to 2023, you will find original works but also numerous drawings around popular series such as Elden Ring, One Piece, and, as always, Kingdom Hearts. Once again, each illustration is unique and borrows from the imagination of the tale, the medieval era and the fantastic. You will find knights, kings and fantastic creatures. Sara Kipin's universe continues to expand and deepen and this book is proof.

Hallowed est le second artbook de l'artiste américaine Sara Kipin. Le premier chapitre présente ces travaux originaux de 2020 à 2023. Chevaliers, dragons, vampire et paysages médiévaux emplissent chacune des pages. La seconde partie présente ces illustrations s'inspirant de série existante, pour la période allant de 2019 à 2023, tel que Final Fantasy 14, Chainsaw Man, Elden Ring et bien entendu Kingdom Hearts.

Exclusivité GiantBooks (Hors USA)

Dimensions : 217 x 217 x 0.9 (mm)

Weight (poids) : 784 g

Pages : 96

Hardback (couverture rigide)