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Li Yifan books are available on GiantBooks

Kyokutou chimeratica 極東キメラティカ Vol.1 par Itabashi Daisuke

Hunter down the monster.

Daikaiju Gaea-Tima 大怪獣ゲァーチマ Vol.1 by Kent

On of the best manga about the kaiju.

Funso deshitara hatta made 紛争でしたら八田まで En cas de conflit, fait appel à Hatta Vol.1 by Den Motohiro

It's time to resolve some conflict.

Hanayakoo はなやっこ Vol.1 by Hara Ayumi

Flowers and delinquent girls.

The boy and the dragon When you can't stand being alone ひとりぼっちがたまらなかったら by Idonaka

A story of love and friendship between a dragon and a boy.

Kyokutou Chimeratica by Itabashi Daisuke

Guide de lecture pour les mangas en japonais.

Vous retrouverez ici toutes les informations qui vous permettront de choisir un manga selon votre niveau en japonais.


Index des mangakas

Vous retrouverez ici toutes les informations sur les mangakas dont les oeuvres sont disponibles chez Giantbooks.


Mellow Duck available in Japan

If you are Japanese, you can buy Mellow Duck directly in Japan through this site running by the artist. Thanks for your support.

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Quelques-unes des nouveautés du premier trimestre 2024.

An idol, dead people and a monk enter in a bar.

Ikiteru Uchi ni Oshitekure 生きてるうちに推してくれ Vol.1 by Tanba Niwa

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Some love and some supernatural events.

Love begin again in Kowloon 九龍城でもう一度 Vol.1 by Sanshi Fujita

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Tragic and powerful.

Re-Cervin レ・セルバン Vol.1 by Hamada Kousuke

One girl against the world.

Mujina in to the deep ビツグ コミツス Vol.1 by Asano Inio

Livre illustré

Quelques-unes des nouveautés du premier trimestre 2024.


Les dernières parutions bande-dessinées.

GiantBooks is committed to bring you books that inspire you.

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The story of people starting a life with dinosaurs 恐竜はじめました Vol.1 by Taranaga

How to take care of a dinosaurs ?

Hunting in the Wild 野食 by 飆飆先生 Hurricane

For all animals lovers.

Hidden on the train 火車上的捉迷藏 by Star Cheng

One of the best pop up ever made.

Illustration 2024

150 artist.