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GiantBooks is one of the few bookstores in Europe which exclusively offers Japan, English, chinese and taiwanese language books.

Manga perfect for beginner in japanese

Some of the most efficient manga to slowly learn japanese.


Guide de lecture pour les mangas en japonais.

Vous retrouverez ici toutes les informations qui vous permettront de choisir un manga selon votre niveau en japonais. Le guide est aussi disponible dans d'autres langues.


Discover the librarian job through the eyes of a delinquent with a big heart.

Zeikin de Katta Hon 税金で買った本 Vol.1 by Zuino and Keiyama Kei

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Some love and some supernatural events.

Love begin again in Kowloon 九龍城でもう一度 Vol.1 by Sanshi Fujita

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Beautiful and secret

Iwamoto-senpai no Suisen 岩元先輩ノ推薦 Vol.7 by Shiibashi Hiroshi

A beautiful story about discovering what previously frightened us.

Le roi des bêtes et les herbes médicinales 獣王と薬草 Vol.1 by Konda Tatsukazu and Sakano Asahi


Here, you will find the guide for manga, index for chinese artist and mangaka and some other helpful informations.

Maybe the greatest achievement of Duan Lei

Creation of the oriental god (封神) by Duan Lei (者段(午夜猴子) )

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If you want to learn more about this incredible archipelago

Scientists in the Wild: Galapagos by Helen Scales and illustrated by Romolo d'Hipolito

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GiantBooks bookstore exclusivity

These books, outside their country of origin, are only available from GiantBooks.

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Discovers comics that are not translated or only available on crowfunding platform

Mythologie and Monster

If you like story of gods and monster, heros and adventure, this section is made for you

Mellow Duck available in Japan

If you are Japanese, you can buy Mellow Duck directly in Japan through this site running by the artist. Thanks for your support.

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