Hayao Miyazaki and the ghibli museum 宮崎駿とジブリ美術館

The ultimate book.

Mellow Duck By Kawaharari

The first book published by GiantBooks.

Birdking by Crom and Daniel Freedman

A tragic and powerful story.

Familia Granada あかねさす柘榴の都 Vol.1 by Fukunami Yuuko

Discover the life of a spanish family.

Alone In Space by Tillie Walden

An incredible opuscule.

Monster and Human, Imaginary Creatures

One of the best character designer of the world.


Quelques-unes des nouveautés du mois de décembre

Livre illustré

Quelques-unes des nouveautés du mois d'octobre


Quelques une des nouveautés du mois d'août.

Learn how to help and understand the children and their parents.

Liaison: Kodomo no Kokoro Shinryoushou リエゾン Vol.1 by Takemura Yuusaku and Yon chan


Bless ブレス

GiantBooks is committed to bring you books that inspire you.

Giant Book est dévoué à vous apporter des livres qui vous inspirent.

The Circles in the sky

A beautiful story about the grief

Planet Paradise

Eunice must survive.

Kali by Daniel Freedman and Robert Sammelin

Adrenaline within a book.

Cosmoknight Vol.1 by Hannah Templer

Gladiator and feminism.

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