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Sketchy スケッチー Vol.5 by Maki Hirochi


Kawasumi Ako is an employee at a movie rental store. Despite being busy with her job and boyfriend, her days aimlessly pass by. One day, she gets captivated by a skater girl. She slowly regains her hopes that she lost sight of and starts envisioning her future. She has to change herself now. With their setbacks and successes, these are the lives of the girls who have been mesmerized by skateboarding.

Niveau recommandé :

Intermédiaire (niveau 6) : manque de furigana ; sous-thème (Skateboard) ; nombreux personnages ; monde actuel ; narration visuelle.

Dimensions : 183 x 130 x 17 (mm)

Weight (poids) : 173g

Pages : 200

Softback (couverture souple)