Acky Bright B/W アッキーブライト ビーダブリュ


This book is the first commercial art book from Japanese illustrator Acky Bright, whose work in live drawing events and on social media has been much talked about.
His high-profile international activities include working as the main artist on a BMW campaign and exhibiting his work in Beijing, China. He is also set to develop the “cocon” series in collaboration with the up-and-coming Chinese toy manufacturer 52TOYS.
Acky Bright’s unique world view, based on manga, anime, and street culture, is gaining popularity both in Japan and overseas. The illustrator’s extraordinary skill shines through in his meticulously drawn works with detailed and dynamic compositions. In addition to the art works, this book includes an interview in which the artist talks about the ideas behind his work in both Japanese and English, so fans overseas can get inside his head, too.
Original illustrations, including newly drawn works, appear in large-format, full-page spreads. Whether enjoying these dynamic art works drawn in black and white as a fan, or using the works’ details as a reference, this book is a must-see for those who love manga and anime.

Dimensions : 210 x 150 x 17 (mm)

Weight (poids) : 512g

Pages : 256

Softback (couverture souple)