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Gutsy Gritty Girl - ガッツィ・グリティ・ガール by Shima Shinya


Découvrez un recueil d'histoire courte par Shima Shinya, publié dans divers magazine ces deux dernières années. Voici les résumés de quelque un de ces récits.

  • Good Morning ladies : It's been 20 years since the Earth's ecosystem collapsed and humans began to build communities to protect themselves from abnormally evolved wild animals. The story depicts three middle-aged women who form the core of a community, plowing the soil, hunting small animals, and keep everyone safe.
  • Uchuu no Mannaka no tonari : Born on Mars, Lynn is a pilot looking for a job. When he returns from the job security office, she finds a trespasser on the ship she used to live in. Who is she and why is she here ?
  • Light and Specs : A detective and their partner should be a strong unit… What if your partner’s a sentient robot ? Grey, a desillusioned detective prone to cynicism, and his new partner Light Bulb, a database on metal legs, try to work it out from case to case.

Niveau recommandé :

Intermédiaire (niveau 7) : Fantastique et science-fiction ; manque de furigana ; nombreux personnages ; ensemble de récit court ; lisibilité de l'action ; narration visuelle ; série courte (1 tome)

Série terminée.

Dimensions : 182 x 130 x 19 (mm)

Weight (poids) : 251 g

Pages : 210

Softback (couverture souple)