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Hidden on the train 火車上的捉迷藏 by Star Cheng


Finn, a child laborer who was exploited in the dark coal mine of the East Eagle Kingdom, decided to smuggle on the train that would take seven days to take the only connection to the neighboring country, West Deer Kingdom, on the day of departure from the Central Railway Station. Just when he was seen through by the police, he was rescued by a stranger-Rob, and got on the train smoothly.
However, Rob was actually a spy. He stole secrets and prepared to return to West Deer, but his whereabouts had been discovered by the secret police of the East Eagle Nation government and sent someone to board the train with Rob to find a way to intercept the secrets. ; At the same time, the West Deer Government also sent a secret police to protect Rob.

|Original train carriage structure, combining classic three-dimensional book accordion style and doll house style structure
Utilizing the extension feature of the accordion structure, the pop-up book can be expanded up to 180 cm long, and combined with the dollhouse-like structure, each carriage on the train is actually constructed.

|actually play the protagonist to find clues
Ingeniously combining the storyline with a three-dimensional structure, readers can follow the protagonist to find clues in the carriage, making reading more interesting!

|English translation attached to the book
It’s ok to make friends with the world as a gift too!

|Handmade in Taiwan
The printing and hand-made of the entire pop-up book are 100% made by a Taiwanese printing company.

Le livre est fourni avec une traduction en anglais.

 Exclusivité GiantBooks (Hors Taiwan)

Dimensions : 174 x 174 x 40 (mm)

Weight (poids) : 645 g

Pages : 36

Hardback (couverture rigide)