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Mythologica : An encyclopedia of gods, monsters and mortals from ancient Greece by Stephen P.Kershaw and Victoria Topping


Uncover the colorful lives of 50 powerful gods and goddesses, earth-dwelling mortals, and terrifying monsters as you journey back in time to ancient Greece. From the fearless Athena and her meddlesome ways to the brave and bold Odysseus and his remarkable journey home, discover why these incredible stories are still a part of our culture today.

Each boldly designed spread presents a figure from the myths, including their name in Greek, their defining attributes, and a summary of their story, along with multiple sidelights that provide additional facts. Interspersed with the profiles are summaries of famous mythological tales and historical events, like the Odyssey, the Trojan War, and the story of the Argonauts.

An electrifying visual portrayal of each figure transports you directly into their wild world. With over 18,000 followers on Instagram, Victoria Topping’s artwork is a fusion of technological and traditional techniques that combines photography, painting, and cut-paper collage to perfectly express the blending of human and fantastic traits from which mythical beings are made.

Niveau recommandé :

Lycéen (15-18 ans) : Thème complexe (mythologie) ; science ; texte ; technicité

Dimension : 348 x 288 x 15 (mm)

Weight (poids) : 1140g

Pages : 112

Hardback (couverture rigide)