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The Big Book of Mysteries by Tom Adams and Yas Imamura


Does the Loch Ness monster really exist? Whatever happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste? And where exactly are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Get ready to be amazed as you uncover the world's greatest mysteries, from Bigfoot to the Bermuda Triangle. Including alien abductions, haunted houses, mind-blowing natural phenomena, and much more, this book will explain the extraordinary —unless the extraordinary can't be explained, of course. Then you'll just have to make up your own mind . . .

Niveau recommandé :

Lycéen (15-18 ans) : Thème complexe ; science ; texte ; technicité

Dimension : 297 x 258  x 11 (mm)

Weight (poids) : 905g

Pages : 96

Hardback (couverture rigide)