The secret lives of Dragons by Zoya Agnis and Alexander Utkin

La catégorie: Livre illustré

Hidden deep in the mountains, a kingdom of dragons once thrived. Dragon song echoed across the peaks and priceless treasures were guarded in lairs. But what happened to this kingdom? Dragonsightings are incredibly rare now, so how can we spot one of these elusive creatures? And if we were to meet one, how would we talk to them and approach them safely? Luckily for you, the answers are recorded in this book by the famous Drackenosopher, Professor Zoya Agnis, illustrated by Alexander Utkin.

Avis du libraire :

Si vous vous êtes toujours demandé quelle était la différence entre un Prajnath et un Vedanith, ce livre est fait pour vous. Si vous vous demandez quel est le rapport entre la saison des pluies en Afrique et les dragons Yukyuktakas, alors ce livre est fait pour vous. Si vous ignorez ce que veut dire "Hak oom darsh y shong" parce que vous ne parlez pas le draconique, alors ce livre est aussi fait pour vous. Et si jamais vous ne vous êtes pas posé ces questions, alors ce livre est tout de même fait pour vous, car vous apprendrez tout cela.

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between a Prajnath and a Vedanith, this book is for you. If you are wondering what the connection between the rainy season in Africa and the Yukyuktaka dragons is, then this book is for you. If you don't know what "Hak oom darsh y shong" means because you don't speak Draconic, then this book is also for you. And if ever you have not asked yourself these questions, then this book is still made for you, because you will learn all this.

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Pages : 64

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