With a dog and a cat, every day is fun, Volume 1 by Hidekichi Matsumoto and translated by Kumar Sivasubramanian

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Welcome to the menagerie !

With both a cat and a dog, there's double the antics, double the fun ( and doubble the kibble!) but while Inu and Neko coexist peacefully, they have their own distinct personalitites, which play out in unexpected, charming ways during these short-form stories.

Avis du libraire :

Si vous avez déjà eu un chien et un chat, je ne pense pas avoir besoin de résumer l'histoire. Neko est un chat qui a une estime si haute de lui-même que tout ce que vous ferez ne sera jamais assez. Il vous regardera de haut constamment et n'admettra aucune erreur, de votre part ou de sa part. Inu, quant à lui, veut simplement qu'on le caresse, il veut simplement s'amuser, et parfois au dépens de sa maîtresse. Trop de joie de vivre. Tout le temps, pour tout.  

If you've ever had a dog and a cat, I don't think I need to summarize the story. Neko is a cat with such high self-esteem that anything you do will never be enough. He will constantly look down on you and won't admit any mistakes, on your part or on his part. Inu, meanwhile, just wants to be petted, he just wants to have fun, and sometimes at the expense of his mistress. Too much joy in life. All the time, for everything.

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Pages : 128

Softback (couverture souple)