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With A Dog And A Cat, Every Day Is Fun, Volume 4 by Hidekichi Matsumoto and translated by Kumar Sivasubramanian


And suddenly, both Inu-kun and Neko-sama turned 10 years old ! The clock of a pet's life ticks by quickly, and at some point they outpace their human's age and travel ahead, but...right now they're at peak cuteness ! Even cuter than when they were just a puppy and a kitten ! 

Ino et Neko ont maintenant dix ans. Cela n'empêche pas Ino d'être toujours aussi joyeux et dynamique ou bien Neko d'être toujours aussi ronchon et jaloux. 

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Collégiens : Récit court ; Case. 

Dimensions : 148 x 210 x 13 (mm)

Weight (poids) : 154g

Pages : 136

Softback (couverture souple)